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Changdor electric adhesive solution in the electronics


Electronic packaging technology is an important guarantee for the normal work of the electroniccomponents, has the important influence of size, heat dissipation and cost of electronic components, and gradually become the new point of growth performance of electronic components.Packaging technology and packaging materials including packaging mode two, which encapsulate the ways mainly have the ball grid array (BGA), chip scale package (CSP), wafer level packaging technology (WLP), multi chip package (MCP), system in package (SIP); electronic packagingmaterials are mainly comprises a metal base package Tao Ciji material, packaging material andpolymer packaging materials. In recent years, polymer packaging materials by virtue of its cost advantages of simple operation process, and good reliability, has gradually worked as amainstream packaging materials of ceramic and metal matrix composites for electronic packagingas electronic packaging material to replace the current first choice, polymer material package has accounted for more than 95% of the whole package materials, civil device is almost 100%, industrial90% is to use polymer material components package, and package ceramic base package or metal matrix is used in aerospace, military and other minority areas.

Electronic potting adhesive is the electronics industry, household appliances industry, automobileindustry, high voltage substation equipment such as good adhesive, sealing, insulation and coating material is fixed, potting through parts of electronic components or assemblies, which are isolated from the outside world, so as to improve the ability of electronic devices impact vibration, anti poor environment, dustproof, moistureproof and anticorrosive and electrical insulating heat conductionperformance, so as to effectively guarantee the normal work of electrical and electronic products,and is favorable for prolonging the service life of the products. Commonly used packaging materialsin the electronic industry is the epoxy resin sealant, silicone elastomer and polyurethane pottingpotting glue, epoxy resin and silicone elastomer which is most widely used. According to incomplete statistics, in various polymer packaging material, epoxy resin packaging materials account for about 90%, at present the foreign semiconductor product 80--90% (Japan almost all) is the use of epoxy resin encapsulating material for packaging.



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