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The extensive application of Changdor hot melt in various industries



Hot melt adhesive is thermoplastic resin as the binder system base material, 100% solid adhesive isa water and solvent free. When the heating melt into a liquid, glue pressing, cooling after the formation of solid adhesive.

The hot melt adhesive has many advantages: short solidification time, just a few seconds can be completed next procedure; suitable for automatic operation, improving the production efficiency;solvent free, no need of drying equipment, can save the area and convenient transportation; good stability, not bad long term storage; non-toxic, no pollution, is not easy to burn. Provide healthy,safe working environment; a wide range of uses.

Chandler, hot melt adhesive products always adhere to 90% high-quality imported raw materials,manufacturing technology and to mature and strict quality control, production of various uses ofquality products to serve the customer. Company product is suitable for various industries with glue.


Air filter for hot sol

Filter products are generally divided into the air filter and oil filter two kinds big, air filtrationapplication of hot melt adhesives are widely used in air conditioning products. The main industrycleaner for automobile air conditioning, filter two products used in room air conditioning plant. They are using a specific fiber paper to achieve air filtration function, application of hot melt adhesive on the air cleaner products are generally bonded filter paper folding shaping, filter frame and filter paper, frame fill and seal etc..


Food and beverage packaging, book making industry

Because of the hot melt adhesive has the advantages of environmental protection, quick then, curing characteristics, in the automatic production line of food, beverage, beer, book binding in theautomation equipment of hot melt adhesive with seal box, straw attached, wireless glue binding, the effect is excellent.


Disposable hyg proiene products industry

Hot melt adhesive contain no organic solvent, coating speed, safety and health, has been widely used in a health care product industry in direct contact with the human body.

Hot melt adhesive for shoes

Compared with water, glue, solvent based adhesive hot melt adhesive having wide range of use,environmental protection, has the advantages of fast curing, without drying equipment, has been widely used in shoemaking industry for more than 20 years.

Woodworking, jewelry, arts and crafts industry

Home DIY and carpentry, crafts, toys, jewelry industry is the extensive use of EVA hot melt adhesiverod, colloidal particles to achieve good bonding results.

Other industries

Hot melt adhesive is one of the most widely used in environmental protection, in addition to the above the industry, in the electronic, automotive interior, tag, express bag, a sticky buckle belts, etc.is widely used in manufacturing process.

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