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Chandor innovatived products conform to the social environment and market expectations


Chandler, as one of the leading sealant adhesive, domestic industry, products have been applied in more than 30 industries, more than 2000 enterprises, more than 800 kinds of products, more than 20000 adhesive sealing parts, developed 1500 kinds of professional glue, precision meet therequirements of different bonding and precision process requirement. Chang De believe that onlyallow products to adapt to the society, environment and market expectations, adhere to scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development principle, we can power industry and environment harmonious sustainable development!

Let the product to adapt to the society, environment and market expectations

Changde in its R & D products when you consider the following:

Zero can improve efficiency, reduce loss;

In the process and the use is convenient;

Zero can improve work efficiency, reduce production cost;

The sustainable development of technology development to reduce damage to the environment

In the development of the adhesive does not contain harmful substances, solvents and volatile compounds;

In the extraction of raw materials from renewable resources to strengthen;

In seeking to enhance adhesive and finished products available;

In the development of non encapsulated adhesive;

The development of functional adhesive

Changde in product research and development in a constant search for sealing and bondingoutside the function realization (such as tensile, muffler, fire prevention, insulation, eating etc.) to enhance value-added products, such as:

Zero does not contain adjacent benzene two formic acid salt used and packaging adhesive forpaper;

In the easy corrupt food packaging adhesive;

Label adhesive in bottle recycling process can be conveniently degumming;

Chang De respect nature, nature of human beings cherish every drop of gifts. Our commitment: to use resources in a more effective manner; for our customers and stakeholders to provide morevalue, to provide the most reasonable solution for the needs of industry, in order to modern people and future generations to live more happily go to all lengths!

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