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We are engaged in operating activities in the philosophy of “Respect for Nature and Love for Mankind”.
Sustainable Development

◇Reduce Industry Risk
The safety of the factories designed and built by us can be guaranteed by virtue of rigorous risk analysis and assessment. To reduce industry risk, we launch several improvement plans and pass various audits of professional institutions.


◇Create a Healthy Working Environment
Our company has been certified to the occupational health and safety management system at home and abroad, regularly organizes third-party evaluation activities, continuously improves our standard and aims to be superior to the industrial standard.


◇Promote Environmental Protection
◎The systemic monitoring of production facilities is performed to realize strict control and timely treatment of wastes in the production process.
◎The professional personnel carries out the evaluation of environmental performance indicators as well as environmental and quality performance.
◎Our company carries out ISO140001 Environmental Management System.
◎We adopt renewable resources such as organic cellulose and oil chemicals to replace synthetic chemical products so as to reduce environmental impact.


◇Product Management Responsibility
We consider the standard and responsibility in the aspect of healthy, safety and environment in the process of R&D. In addition, we strictly carry out systematic standards in all production and transportation sites so as to ensure the safe storage, transportation and application of products under the best condition.

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