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Quality and quality control
We are strict with ourselves, carry out fine operation and strive to reach the standard higher than the industrial standard.
Sustainable Development
Quality control

We implement the quality management system in the industrial chain (R&D, production, service and technical support) and strictly carry out the national quality management system and international industrial standard system. All of our products have been certified to ISO9001.

◇Quality Partnership
We establish a long-term and sustainable partnership with suppliers and customers, strengthen the understanding of needs and continuously improve quality. The R&D team and application engineers are engaged in collection, analysis, regular evaluation and research based on the special needs of customers so as to provide the best products and application solutions.

◇Strict Quality Control of 25 Working Procedures
We have the industry advanced and complete testing equipment and strict quality control process. The stable and reliable quality of every type and batch of products can be guaranteed through strict quality control of 25 working procedures including raw material test, physical property analysis, R&D improvement, functional test, sample application, test run and environmental impact evaluation.

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