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Sustainable development
All operating activities adhere to the tenet of “Economy, Responsibility, Environmental Protection”
Sustainable Development
Sustainable development

◇The products are required to meet the expectations of society, environment and market.

The following factors are taken into consideration in the process of R&D.
○Improve efficiency and reduce loss
○Easy application (such as development of hot melt adhesive, flexible package)
○Improve working efficiency and reduce production cost (such as development of gasket free sealant)

◇The development of sustainable technology reducing environmental damage
○Develop the adhesive free from harmful substances, solvents and volatile compounds
○Increase the use of renewable resources
○Improve adhesive products
○Develop the non-packaging type adhesive

◇The development of functional adhesive

We make continuous efforts and realize the functions including stretchability, soundproofing, fireproofing, insulation and eating by mistake besides bonding and sealing in the process of R&D so as to increase the value-added content of products.
○The adhesive free from phthalates for paper and package
○The packaging adhesive for perishable food
○The label adhesive featuring degumming in the process of bottle recovery

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