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Hot Melting Technology Cluster

Anaerobic Technology Cluster

In the field of hot melt adhesive products, we aim to provide customers with the best production technology and finished products. The products boast excellent quality, cost and efficiency advantages and reliable quality. In the process of practical application, our EVA, TPR, PA, PU and APAO hot melt adhesive technology becomes superior.

The anaerobic series products are applied to efficient adhesive, sealant and mechanical engineering. Continuous efforts have been made in innovation to enhance reliability, improve the manufacturing process and meet the highest requirements for industrial application.
New breakthroughs have been achieved in the links such as anti-aging, solvent resistance, heat resistance and fast curing in oxygen-free environment and reactive metal sticking.
The products such as screw fastening, sealing, binding, flat sealing, vacuum infiltration and bare chip mounting win high recognition in the professional field.

Epoxy Resin Technology Cluster

Organic Silicon Technology Cluster


The epoxy series products aim to provide customers with the best solutions to structural bonding, surface coating and sealing and win high market recognition owing to the stable and reliable quality and excellent performance.

Remarkable breakthroughs have been made in the technologies such as room temperature curing, heat curing, light curing, moisture curing and latent curing through more than 20 years of technological experience in the field of epoxy products.

Our company has stone, industrial mending, electronic potting, heat conduction, electric conduction and SMT products.


The organic silicon series products focus on the field of electronics, electrical appliance and new energy and provide professional, innovative and high cost performance solutions to bonding and sealing.

Through decades of development, the products enjoy a good reputation in the field of adhesion, bonding, coating and sealing of electronics, electrical appliance, electric power, lighting, photovoltaic, wind energy, new energy and instruments.

The organic silicon solutions can help customers to improve production, optimize application program, promote product quality and increase benefits.

Acrylic Acid Series Technology Cluster

Surface Treatment Technology Cluster


The acrylic acid series products mainly provide fast and efficient adhesion and sealing solutions in the field of industrial assembly and maintenance.


The surface treatment technology solutions have great competitive advantages in the field of manufacturing process and win the trust of customers by virtue of reliable quality, durability and good effects of products. Meanwhile, the excellent use cost and operating efficiency are realized through the wide surface technology product mix. ;

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